Analytical data errors can lead to erroneous resource estimate. BMRC addresses this area critically and has a dedicated team to interact with the analytical lab. We ensure batch wise real-time control gate analysis and quality assurance program. BMRC has an in-depth knowledge of the principles of QAQC and the expertise in designing QAQC programmes to achieve best practices in data quality. We apply modern sampling theories for sample size selection and design sampling protocols. Our QAQC protocols ensure highest data quality standards and best practices to ensure data is fit for purpose.

Services include:

  • Design and implementation of logging and sampling protocol.
  • Design and implementation of QAQC protocol.
  • Monitoring chain of custody of samples.
  • Batch wise control gate analysis with statistical tools to identify issues related to accuracy, precision and bias in analytical results.
  • Creation and maintaining QAQC online database with lab and project team integrated on common platform to effectively monitor sample turn around and to reduce human errors.
  • Independent audit of 3rd party analytical data.
  • Besides analytical data, BMRC also conducts QAQC on topography survey, collar and down hole survey and any data which can impact accuracy of resource estimates.